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Our innovative approach is an exciting way of outdoor advertising and alternative advertising that communicates to targeted potential customers on a new level.

The main idea that led to the start of Moving Board Group was our desire to facilitate our clients efforts in their search for non-traditional advertising solutions. Therefore we created one-stop-shop for alternative advertising and guerilla marketing where various alternative media and advertising solutions are provided at one place – everything a client needs with just one phone call or e-mail.

Our approach to business isn’t to plainly offer our media. We strive to create a unique advertising concept  for every client and campaign individually and we guarantee the project realization in the shortest time possible. 3 words that describe our company’s approach are: creativity, interaction, mobility.

creativity & interaction

Our values

  • Team of young, dynamic and creative communication experts
  • Global network
  • Offer of diverse media
  • Inovation through new media
  • Positive global reputation

Our Mission

We are a one-stop-shop for alternative media. Our offer consists of interesting media and is upgrading permanently. Our approach to advertising is innovative and we continuoiusly strive to exceed our clients expectations and to improve our service. We offer global expertise as well as local support to our clients and partners.

Our Vision

By being a reliable partner, desirable employer and environmentally conscious company that is constantly perfecting its offer and service, we want to become one of the best alternative advertising networks globally.

who we are

Our story began in 2003, when Moving Board CLASSIC, an original and innovative media, was developed. The company started in Germany in 2005, where our head office was opened and where the first campaigns took place. Soon, after winning great interest from agencies and companies throughout Germany, we decided to expand our business onto other countries. Soon, Moving Board CLASSIC achieved a great international success.
Moving Board is  currently present in five different continents in more than 20 different countries through franchise and joint venture agreements. The success of Moving Board CLASSIC and the large interest in new & unconventional media led to a further development of our company. Now, almost five years later, the expansion of our company continues, not only to new markets but also to new media, through our new project Moving Board Group.


Move your communication a step forward! This glowing mobile billboard can be used anywhere – indoor and outdoor. It also combines vision and motion, due to its integrated illumination system.


What is?

What is Moving Board CLASSIC?

In the past there was sandwich man. Now, the Moving Board CLASSIC is here. This walking ad is a two-sided glowing mobile billboard worn like a backpack. Integrated illumination and ad surfaces on both sides ensure that your communication will be noticed.

The idea of Moving Board CLASSIC was developed in Europe and protected worldwide. It is registered with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO, Geneva), the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market, Alicante Spain, and with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.



Moving Board CLASSIC offers many benefits to advertisers. This media is:

Flexible & Smart
It can be used anywhere – indoor or outdoor. It will reach your audience where many media can’t. If the target audience flow decreases at the default location, the promotion can switch locations, not stopping the campaign.
Shiny & Noticable
Moving Board CLASSIC combines vision and motion. At the first sign of daylight decrease, it  continues to attract the attention of the targeted audience due to its integrated illumination system.
Our skilled promotors are your brand ambasadors. They will distribute your promo-materials  and deliver your message.


Our team will assist you with every aspect of your Moving Board CLASSIC campaign. We are at your service to do the following:


Location proposal

Selection of routes and days to best reach your targeted audience

Creative concept & promotion mechanism

Artwork design


Execution and control of the of the campaign


Report and post campaign analysis including detailed photo documentation

We will do our best to make your campaign a success!


Technical specifications

Technical specifications of this innovative glowing mobile billboard are as follows:

    • Moving Board CLASSIC dimensions:
    • 59,5 cm x 145cm / 1 ft 11.425” x 4 ft x 9.086”
    • Front ad dimension:
    • 58,5 cm x 144 cm / 1 ft 11.031” x 4 ft 8.693”

    • Back ad dimension:
    • 58,5 cm  x 44 cm / 1 ft 11.031” x 1 ft 5.323”
    • Illumination duration:
    • 8 hours


Custom options

This non-traditional mobile advertising solution offers numerous customization possibilities for advertisers. An additional option of Moving Board CLASSIC is distribution of leaflets or flyers.
Our clients have the opportunity to define the promoters outfits according to their preferences / campaign requirements (hats, shirts, suits, costumes…).
With a simple addition of a Moving Board BLUETOOTH device, Moving Board CLASSIC becomes a powerful interactive medium able to distribute a various promo content – mobile games, videos, pictures, wallpapers, etc.



Get in touch with us:

Head Office:
Deutschland GmbH
Saturnstr. 17
41 564 Kaarst, Germany
tel: + 49 2131 986 120
fax: + 49 2131 986 149
e-mail: ad@moving-board.de

Operational Office:

Jurisiceva 7, II
10 000 Zagreb, Croatia
tel: + 385 1 2399 999
fax: + 385 1 2399 995
e-mail: moving-board@moving-board.com


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